Heiko Bloemers

“Heiko Bloemers is a creative spark made human: sometimes shocking but always illuminating. Never dull”. – Jon Gomm


Heiko Bloemers was born in 1987 and grew up in Rheinberg, Germany.

At the age of 8 he started taking piano lessons. After seven years he felt “technically limited” so he began playing electric guitar and formed his first band. About one year later he was suddenly drawn to the acoustic guitar after he had seen youtube videos of Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Jon Gomm and others. He started teaching himself more than 100 songs until he eventually began writing his own compositions. At this point in time he knew he’d like to become a full-time musician and started diving deeper into the adventurous world of music, discovering all kinds of techniques and artists along the way. Heiko has shared the stage with artists like Don Ross, Stefano Barone, Amrit Sond and others. He’s a regular attendant of Thomas Leeb’s Guitar Bootcamp in Austria and performed in cities like Berlin, Paris and London. His debut album Sentiment EP was released April 2016.


(Live at European Guitar Award — at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden)

Playing acoustic guitar for eleven years now Heiko Bloemers has developed a unique playing style that incorporates extended techniques such as percussions, tapping, harmonics and others into the typical acoustic guitar playing. His music draws inspiration from various genres and people such as John Frusciante, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Pino Forastiere and Michael Hedges to name a few.


Heiko Bloemers – Attaah O Te Taime & Into Zechs

Work in progress – Pt I

Work in progress – Pt II